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Infusionsoft Marketing Advice – As a Mentor at Co-Working Space

I’m a mentor for Infusionsoft now — which makes me feel a little bit old. O wait — or is that a mentat?

(Apologies for obscure Dune references!) And yes — I am a mentor at a co-working space in the Phoenix area called Gangplank.


Yes — A Quote from Dune. Get over It!

As a mentor for using Infusionsoft, my job is to give advice and provoke ideas on how to use automated marketing in a smart and efficient manner.

That’s why I’m excited at the chance to bounce off ideas and inspire entrepreneurs at Gangplank co-working facility. Gangplank is a unique community — located in open working spaces in multiple locations around the country.

As the Gangplank manifesto explains:

We believe that innovation breeds innovation. We will transform our culture into one supportive of the entrepreneurial spirit, of risk taking, of pioneering into the unknown territories as the founders of our municipalities once did. This requires education, entrepreneurship and creative workspaces.

Gangplank offers free mentoring services for entrepreneurs seeking advice from experts in:

  • Accounting
  • Law
  • Design
  • Video
  • Venture Capital
  • Early Business Startup Issues


Are there any other Infusionsoft experts out there that are providing their mentoring services to the community? I’d love to hear their stories!


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